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Aerolase® Neo Elite

At Bespoke Beauty in Missoula, MT, the Aerolase Neo Elite is a pinnacle in aesthetic lasers, providing an unparalleled experience in dermatology and cosmetic treatments. Its exceptional gentleness makes it a favorite, delivering comprehensive skin rejuvenation across all skin types and shades. The innovation behind the Neo Elite is its 650-microsecond pulse technology, explicitly targeting melanin, hemoglobin, and water within the skin. This targeting approach addresses the underlying causes of skin aging, offering safe, effective, and comfortable treatments for patients.

NeoSkin by Aerolase

NeoSkin revolutionizes the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation for individuals of every skin tone. Melasma, a condition marked by complex factors, including melanin presence in the epidermal and dermal layers and vascular components, demands an intricate approach to manage and prevent recurrence effectively. The Aerolase Neo addresses these challenges head-on, using its 650-microsecond laser pulse to disperse melanin accumulations and curb vasculature and inflammation within the skin layers. This method ensures efficacy and minimizes the likelihood of adverse reactions, presenting a superior alternative to conventional topical or device-based treatments for melasma.


NeoClear introduces a groundbreaking solution for acne treatment suitable for patients of any age and skin type, utilizing the advanced 650-microsecond laser technology. This comprehensive treatment targets the primary culprits behind acne: excessive oil production, inflammation, and the P. acnes bacteria. Unlike traditional treatment avenues that may require multiple products or procedures, NeoClear accomplishes these objectives with one singular device. The device’s precise settings allow for deep skin penetration in a highly safe and comfortable manner, effectively reducing oil production, alleviating inflammation, and eradicating P. acnes bacteria. Moreover, the treatment’s deep heating effect promotes collagen formation, reducing acne scars and enhancing the skin’s overall radiance.

Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair reduction reduces the growth of hair follicles by using heat and energy while preserving the surrounding skin. The Aerolase Neo Elite laser provides a gentle, pain-free approach to reducing unwanted hair, offering patients a comfortable treatment experience.


NeoSkin Rejuvenation Treatments

10 sessions package: $1,700

NeoSkin by Aerolase elevates skin rejuvenation and tightening standards, offering a multifaceted approach that tackles skin tone and texture, redness, pigmentation issues, skin laxity, and other undesirable skin conditions in a single session using just one device.

NeoClear Acne Solutions

10 sessions package: $1,700

NeoClear presents a revolutionary acne treatment that is entirely devoid of adverse effects, ensuring a comfortable patient experience. Visible improvements can often be observed promptly, sometimes after just one session.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae Ingrown Hair Treatment

Single session: $100

Targeting the bothersome issue of ingrown hairs, often triggered by shaving and prevalent in darker skin tones, this treatment efficiently addresses Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, offering relief from razor bumps and beard bumps.

Melasma Management

10 sessions package: $1,700

Addressing the complexities of melasma treatment, the Neo device offers an effective solution that can lead to clearer skin with fewer sessions than traditional topical treatments.

Rosacea Care

10 sessions package: $1,700

This treatment targets rosacea, a chronic condition known for causing facial redness, flushing, and visible spider veins, providing patients with long-term improvement.

Acne Scar Revision

10 sessions package: $1,700

Focused on diminishing the scars left by acne, this treatment pathway aids in recovering clear and smooth skin.

Psoriasis Relief

Small Area Package of 10: $1,200
Large Area Package of 10: $1,700

Utilizing Aerolase 650 Microsecond Technology™, this treatment suppresses inflammation and targets the hypervasculature contributing to psoriasis plaque growth, offering a safe and effective solution.

Vein Treatments

Small Area Per Session: $50
Large Area Per Session: $100

The Aerolase Neo Elite’s advanced technology is adept at safely addressing visible blood vessels, from small spider veins to more prominent leg veins, by clotting the blood within the veins to eliminate them.

Warts & Skin Tags Removal


This laser treatment effectively removes warts and skin tags, providing a clear and smooth skin surface.



Laser treatment for angiomas offers a highly effective solution for removing these benign growths, which tend to increase with age anywhere on the body.

Nail Fungus Treatment

10 sessions package: $1,300

Addressing onychomycosis, this laser treatment combats nail fungus, improving the nail’s color, thickness, and overall health while alleviating pain and enhancing foot comfort.

Laser Hair Reduction

10 session packages

Small areas of the face include any one of the following: upper lip, chin & area underneath the chin, hairline, or sideburns.

Large areas of the face include any one of the following: any combination of small areas.

Small areas of the body include any one of the following: under arms, bikini line, happy trail, lower back.

Medium areas of the body include any one of the following: Brazilian, half arms, half legs, chest, lower abdomen.

Large areas of the body include any one of the following: full arms, full legs, full back, full chest & abdomen.

Low Downtime

Patients will experience mild redness and discomfort for 48-72 hours.

Safe for all skin types

With this laser we can safely treat people of all skin tones.

Wide range of issues treated

This laser can handle a myriad of issues.

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