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DMK’s STEMZYME™️ treatment is a result of 7 years of research and is only offered by a few DMK MD Trained Clinics in the U.S. At Bespoke Beauty in Missoula, MT, STEMZYME™️ is the world’s first treatment that harnesses the skin’s OWN epidermal stem cells to multiply in number, and in turn, differentiate into specialist skin cells—basal cells, keratinocytes, and melanocytes.

The replenishment of these specialized cells creates new building blocks for the foundation of the skins tissue, resulting in:

  • Reverses aging in the skin/prevents against future aging with maintenance
  • Restores Balance (homeostasis) in the skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Evens tone and reduces PIH/Melasma/Melanin
  • Improves firmness and contours natural structure
  • Treats uneven skin texture (scarring)
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Rejuvenates dry skin

All of these results, with no downtime. Skin can appear dry and textured for the duration of the 50 days. Please plan accordingly for special occasions.

  • Clients Must Comply with the Indications Below to Receive this Treatment
    • Up front consultation with one of our DMK MD skin revision therapists
    • Pre-treatment of the DMK intro series (cost not included)
    • STEMZYME™️ is a 50-day commitment including a 50-day supply of STEMZYME™️ skincare. Clients must use only DMK homecare prescribed by the DMK MD Provider.
    • Clients receive a total of five treatments, 90-120 minutes per session, within the 50 days, seven to 10 days apart.
    • $1000 non-refundable down payment (to special order your STEMZYME™️ kit)
    • Client must schedule all five STEMZYME™️ treatments upon receipt of deposit.
    • If the treatments are not completed in 50 days, the product will expire and the client will forfeit the remaining treatments.
  • In-Clinic Application and Use
    • To achieve the desired results, STEMZYME™️ is used in conjunction with a variety of other DMK Professional Products and a course of DMK Home Prescriptives. It is also combined with other DMK Professional Treatments for optimal results.
    • STEMZYME™️ is available only as a professional in-clinic treatment in the hands of a highly skilled therapist who has received advanced DMKMD training and the necessary practice.



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